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RXNT CHange parts

Customers receive 97% time savings – changeovers reduced from 1 hour to under 5 minutes.

Septimatech’s RXNT (Rapid eXchange No Tool) change parts provide quick, efficient, repeatable machine changeover of precisely engineered parts on packaging machines. The RXNT system is based upon a one-time installation of Nucleus components mounted to any machine. Satellite changeover parts, designed for specific container geometry, lock into place quickly and easily without using tools.  Satellite parts are engineered and CNC-machined to provide precise and consistent pocket-to-pocket container transfer. 


The RXNT system reduces labor time and costs. Once installed, changeover setup is intuitive, tool-less, precise, accurate and repeatable every time. RXNT parts are light, cost effective and easy to store. The RXNT system is custom engineered to each application, machine and container. It can be easily applied throughout your facility to efficiently standardize changeover practices.


The principles of World Class Lean manufacturing are built into our RXNT parts for efficient changeover and increased production.  Simple setup facilitates efficient training, quick and consistent changeovers, continuity between operator practices, and elimination of unnecessary steps.  Once set, product handling and machinery performance is consistent and predictable.  You can count on the RXNT quick changeover system for reliable performance in every change.


Benefits to machine setup and operation performance:
  • Smooth transfer of container-to-machine interface
  • Superior container control reduces splashing, spillage, container damage and scuffing
  • Intuitive, consistent setup, operations and maintenance
  • Simplified, easy training to setup, operate and maintain
  • Standardized changeover practices
  • Cost effective and value-added solutions compared to other non-RXNT solutions
  • Robust, reliable and durable construction
  • Skilled, knowledgeable and professional support from Septimatech


  • Parts are custom-engraved for easy identification
  • Parts are available in color-coding of 81 combinations for fast retrieval
  • One-time installation onto the machine of Nucleus components for efficient setup every time
  • Satellite parts, custom-designed for specific containers, easily lock into place for repeatable setup 
  • Use of locating pins means one-way positioning
  • Tool-less changeovers
  • Most parts weigh less than 20 lbs for improved ergonomic health and safety practices
  • Parts are puzzle cut for ease of setup and removal
  • Easy removal for cleaning
  • Flat surfaces without hubs facilitate easy cleaning and stacking for reduced storage space
  • Each set is color coded to allow easy identification
  • Consistent solutions for setup, operations and maintenance across all packaging machines
  • Common changeover methodology regardless of machine make and model
  • RXNT concept increases productivity and profitability by reducing production downtime
  • In conjunction with our smart storage systems, RXNT changeover parts sustain organized and clean work environments


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A leading homecare products Customer reported OEE increases greater than 22% after installing Septimatech change parts and feed screws.

Septimatech design technicians use leading edge measuring equipment and 3D custom design software to create customized container handling components specific to your container geometry and machine specifications. Septimatech’s team of change part experts has developed solutions for more than 300 different types of packaging machines. Fit, form and function is an extension of our expertise, knowledge and dedication to provide solutions that improve productivity, product handling and efficient set up with repeatable, accurate results.


Benefits of Septimatech-manufactured change parts:
  • High quality products
  • Innovative flexible solutions
  • Time-sensitive delivery
  • Cost savings
  • Consistent changeover and machine performance
  • Skilled service technicians and operator training programs
  • Guaranteed product quality and support
  • Proven results on various machine applications and industry classifications
  • Dedicated to your success


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