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Machine CHANGEOVER Solutions

100% of Customers responding to a survey would recommend Septimatech to an industry peer.

Packaging is a changing world—expectations, products, containers, staffing, lines, and equipment needs evolve—sometimes by the day, hour, minute, second...  Septimatech is committed to providing you with reliable performance in every change.


All our solutions have these common benefits:

  • Rapid tool-less changeovers. In many cases hours are reduced to a few minutes.
  • Accurate, repeatable adjustment for predictable results and maximum performance.
  • Precise container control that eliminates shingling and other throughput challenges.
  • Increased uptime for greater productivity and cost savings.
  • Easy to use with simple, intuitive, ergonomically designed controls.
  • Low maintenance with robust, modular components.


Septimatech’s innovative solutions reduce liquid spillage and eliminate shingling, tipping, jamming or container damage. Septimatech solutions use a standardized methodology to achieve accurate, repeatable fast setup, and high quality container handling performance with minimal operator interface. Our solutions are precision-engineered with modular components that deliver efficiency today with flexibility to adapt to changing needs tomorrow.


Septimatech has developed changeover and container control solutions for more than 300 different types of packaging machines. We have the expertise to improve changeovers and enhance container control regardless of shape, size, line challenges and packaging environment.


Septimatech Group Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 Registered, which is Quality Assurance you can trust. We provide industry leading customer support to ensure you receive maximum performance and productivity, reduced costs, and improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness.


Let us show you how you can achieve reliable performance in every change.


Change Parts

Let Septimatech increase your machine productivity ,reduce changeover times and maximize throughput with Change Part solutions for any machine and application. Available in RXNT (Rapid eXchange No Tool) or OEM Standard. 



Feed Screws

Increase container control and optimize machine performance with Septimatech Feed Screws. Developed using state-of-the-art 3D design software and manufactured with leading-edge CNC technologies to produce a solution superior in quality, repeatability and dependable performance.


Feed Screw Drive Systems

Realize your packaging line's potential with Septimatech Feed Screw Drive Systems that are easily adaptable to any packaging machinery or used as stand-alone units. Our Feed Screw Drive Systems provide maximum performance for applications and containers of any shape.


Smart Storage Solutions

In support of  World Class Manufacturing and 5S Lean Principles, Septimatech offers a full line of Smart Storage Systems to store any changeover component so parts are easy to identify, store, organize, clean, and protect from loss or damage. 



Other Changeover Products

Septimatech is committed to providing Customers with complete changeover solutions. If the requirement is a totally new application, we draw upon our experiences and a strong commitment to collaboration to find the best solution.  


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