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Unison G2 adjustable GUIDE RAILS

NEW Unison G2 - Next generation modular flex guide rail adjustment system.

Unison G2 provides greater guide rail interchangeability and flexibility for future container and line changes, and a quicker return on investment than any other adjustable guide rail system.  Precise container control through any configuration of straight, corner curve sections, change up to 80 ft (24 m) from one location.


Unison G2 enhancements include: 

  • Smaller footprint and leaner design for better space utilization
  • Enhanced modular mounting system for quicker, easier installation and increased adaptability to changing needs
  • Fewer components  for easier installation, maintenance, and cost control
  • Enhanced height adjustment and multipoint container contact for increased container control and greater flexibility in container size and shape



Septimatech provides full-service sales, service, engineering and customer support backed by a commitment to help Customers achieve maximum value and performance from their packaging lines. Unison systems are available as standard, pre-made components or as a custom solution for unique, difficult packaging challenges. Septimatech supports all generations of Unison and customer specific configurations. All Unison products are backed by industry leading guarantees against component failure.