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The Unison® Mini system is engineered specifically for smaller profile containers conveyed on narrow width conveyors. No other adjustable corner solution on the market has the capability to adjust to a tight radius and maintain true curve and width dimensions with no further individual adjustment. 

The miniature footprint and stroke range provides greater flexibility and control of lighter weight and smaller containers. Unison® Mini retrofits to new or existing conveyors in any line configuration and adjusts straight, curve and corner sections simultaneously. The Mini system provides the same benefits as our larger Unison® systems—greater line flexibility, tool-less changeovers, accurate repeatable adjustment, precise container control, maximum throughput, increased uptime, low maintenance and simple intuitive operation. 


The Unison® Mini provides rapid line changeover with consistent, accurate, and repeatable set-up. From straight sections to curves to tight-radius corners, the Unison® Mini system adjusts all sections from one location without pneumatics. Using dial indicator readings guide rail change is precise, repeatable, consistent and eliminates fine-tuning.  


Whether your containers are large or small in profile, you will find the right guide rail adjustment system with Unison® Mini.  



  • Guide rails adjust in seconds without pneumatics
  • Repeatable, consistent, precise guide rail changeovers using dial indicator readings, eliminating guess work and operator variations
  • Single point adjustment of conveyor guide rails including corners, curves, and straights eliminates the need to adjust the guide rails at every vertical support
  • Tool-less and no tweaking
  • Top and bottom rails can be adjusted independently for greater container control
  • Simple operation significantly frees up skilled labor for other production requirements



Septimatech provides full-service sales, service, engineering and customer support backed by a commitment to help Customers achieve maximum value and performance from their packaging lines. Unison® systems are available as standard, pre-made components or as a custom solution for unique, difficult packaging challenges. Septimatech supports all generations of Unison® and customer specific configurations. All Unison® products are backed by industry leading guarantees against component failure.