Products on Display - Pack Expo Las Vegas 2021 - Septimatech Group Inc.


Septimatech Features New Packaging Line Efficiency and Productivity Solutions at
Pack Expo Las Vegas 2021.

To see Septimatech’s solutions in action, Visit Booth C-4236, September 27-29 at
the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Exhibiting for the First Time at Pack Expo Las Vegas



Easy Changeover Carts
Link to easy changeover cart video Reimagine your Change Parts Storage with versatile user-configurable carts. Septimatech Easy Changeover Carts provide fast, simple, orderly changeovers and unlimited versatility at a modest investment. Three standard sizes store more parts per square inch than competitive systems. Washdown ready design makes convenient on-cart change parts cleaning a snap. High quality casters provide outstanding maneuverability, even on rough surfaces, and quickly change from non-swivel to swivel for in place pivoting and access to all sides. Wheel brakes ensure safe, secure loading and unloading. Get organized today and stay organized tomorrow as parts and needs change. LEARN MORE
Easy Adjust Tight Radius Corners
Easy Adjust Tight Radius Corners deliver fast, repeatable changeovers and superior container control for 90- and 180-degree corners. In seconds, precisely adjust inside and outside curves or just one curve as needed. No fine tuning. No pneumatics or high maintenance components required. Easy Adjust Tight Radius Corners easily retrofit to existing or new conveyor systems. Increased efficiency and improved product handling combine to provide a quick return on investment and outstanding total cost of ownership. LEARN MORE
Easy Adjust Cap Chutes
Transform your cap handling experience with fast, accurate, repeatable cap chute changeovers. No fine tuning or change parts required. Easy Adjust Cap Chutes provide 3-axis adjustment for precise cap handling tailored to your application, including oblong, asymmetrical, tapered or odd-shaped closures. Independent adjusters for right, left and top rails ensure accurate positioning for optimum cap flow and stability without lifting. Numerical displays on each adjuster provide quick changeover confirmation. Adjustments are repeatable and accurate to plus or minus 1 mm. A single user can precisely adjust 80 feet of cap chute from one location in less than 10 seconds, including corners. LEARN MORE
Feed Screw Drive Systems
New redesigned Dual Feed Screw Drive Systems eliminate complex mechanical linkages above and below the conveyor for a compact, less intrusive footprint that’s easy to integrate and access. Dual Feed Screw Drives are available with digitally synchronized servos for high functioning intelligent applications or high-performance AC motor drives for all standard feed screw applications. LEARN MORE
Easy Adjust Rails®
Easy Adjust Rails® deliver fast, repeatable guide rail adjustment and changeover, without pneumatics or other high maintenance components. Increased efficiency, reduced labor and maintenance, and improved product handling combine to provide quick return on investment and outstanding total cost of ownership. Septimatech’s Easy Adjust Rails® easily retrofit to existing or new conveyor systems. Easy Adjust Rails® provide one-time calibration with no springs, seals or air pressure to maintain. Guide rail changes which typically take hours are reduced to minutes. All adjustments are accurate and repeatable for consistent performance and container control in every change. LEARN MORE
Feed Screws
Septimatech Feed Screws are tailor-made to your container control, timing and sequencing needs. Our industry leading experience in designing feed screw solutions combined with state-of-the art manufacturing, CAD simulation and testing ensure superior pocket-to-pocket accuracy and container flow. Smooth, low friction surfaces prevent scuffing and marking on labels and containers. We offer quick lead times and cost-effective solutions for all your applications, regardless of container size and shape. LEARN MORE
Multi-Lane Guide Rail Adjustment Systems
Septimatech’s new Multi-Lane Guide Rail Adjustment Systems eliminates change parts, lane spacers and heavy lifting equipment to allow quick, simple adjustment of packaging lines with multiple lanes. The patented system significantly improves overall efficiency and productivity by reducing changeover complexity and freeing up valuable plant space and operator time. One person can simultaneously adjust up to a 30-foot (9 m) section of lanes from one location in a fraction of the time it takes with a traditional system. A similar length of traditional multi-lane section typically takes two people 35-50 minutes to changeover. An operator can complete the same length changeover in less than 5 minutes without tools or heavy lifting. LEARN MORE
Quick Change Parts
Septimatech’s Quick Change Parts allow quick, efficient repeatable changeover of precisely engineered parts on packaging machines. The Quick Change Parts system employs one-time installation of Nucleus components and Quick Change Parts designed for specific containers that quickly and easily lock into place without using tools. CNC routed Satellite parts provide pocket-to-pocket consistency for precise container handling. Customers typically receive 97 percent time savings, reducing changeovers from one hour to under five minutes. LEARN MORE
About Septimatech Group Inc.
Septimatech is a leading worldwide provider of packaging machine and line productivity solutions. Our precision-engineered solutions simplify operations, improve efficiency, and assure rapid, accurate, repeatable changeovers and adjustments. Many of the world’s leading consumer and industrial goods manufacturers depend on Septimatech to increase uptime, improve performance and flexibility, and overcome unique production challenges.

Our products include rapid change, high performance Guide Rail Systems, Change Parts, integrated line adjustment solutions, Feed Screw Drive Units, Feed Screws, Label Handling, and Change Parts Storage Carts. Septimatech is committed to helping our customers maximize their line’s potential and provides PROVEN PERFORMANCE IN EVERY PACKAGING CHANGEOVER. Septimatech is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. For more information visit our website at