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Thanks for the support during our set up, your Service Technician performed an excellent job!

-Global Personal Care Company Representative

Thank you for the follow up.  The parts you supplied are working great; I really appreciate all the support!  Great Service!!

- Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

The installation of the Septimatech Guide Rails at the discharge of the starwheel at the unscrambler went very well this month. Septimatech was able to complete the installation within the 12 hours of downtime requested. The install was challenging for such a tight space and small time window but ended in a success: zero stops at the new rails during the first 12 hours of runtime. Overall the transition to the department has been positive. Thanks to all those involved throughout this work!

-Major Personal Care Company Rep 

The Unison Guide Rail System is working perfectly for all bottles. Your technical service was also great and I am very satisfied. Also, thank you for following up.

-Major Personal Care Company Rep

Thanks again to all for the quick turnaround. Thank you for the heads up. You and your company are a pleasure to work with.

-Leading Personal Care Company Rep

Your team did an outstanding job on the project! I am putting the word out to my contacts in the industry about this design and Septimatech.

-Leading Personal Care Company Rep

The installation was flawless and went smoothly during the right scheduled time!

- Major Home and Personal Care Company Rep

The support and flexibility provided by Septimatech has been outstanding - I would highly recommend this team for future projects at our facility.

- Major Personal Care Company Rep

I installed and ran our new change parts, feed screw and guide system with great success. I worked my way up to 40 bpm and ended up producing 16,000 sales samples. The parts fit and functioned very well and I am extremely happy and impressed by Team Septimatech.

- Leading Pharmaceutical Company Rep

Thanks a lot for the great coordination effort to make this installation happen to meet our timeline. Great Team Work - Much appreciated!!!

- Major Home Care Company Rep

Always supportive Customer Service, even if it's just a few questions. Thanks!!

- Leading Home Care Company Rep

This design is far superior to the OEM design. I am putting the word out to my contacts in the industry about this design and Septimatech.

- Beverage Company Rep

No startup support is required. By the way, your Service Technician did a great job and was great to work with! Thank you very much.

- Beverage Company Rep

The project you did for positioners on line 5 has drastically reduced the number of broken bottles we have had transferring off of the filler into the transfer star. Since the parts were installed on 25 of 50 heads we have had exactly zero occurrences of broken glass. Based on this we are looking to expand the project to 16 other bottles on line 5.

- Beverage Company Rep

I appreciate your quick response. Great service, also your technicians were very professional.

- Beverage Company Rep