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Who Are You Going To Call? 

Ask any chef and they will tell you that an excellent dish depends on quality ingredients—and the skill and experience to bring them together. The same might be said about your packaging line’s optimum production and the relationship between your packaging machines, its change parts, and your containers. Efficient interaction between your packaging machines and your containers depends on your change parts. Try as it may, your machine will never outperform the ability of its change parts to move, position or transfer your containers.

A thoughtful approach and the right partner for sourcing your change parts can help you improve efficiency, production, and machine flexibility. Change parts are an investment in your line’s productivity. Making the right investment will benefit your business and help you get more value from your existing machines.

Here are 5 key reasons to choose a container handling and changeover expert to manufacture your change parts:

1. Quality That Comes with Experience and Understanding Your Needs

Quality is listed as the number one priority by companies replacing change parts. Like that outstanding meal, high performing, quality change parts take an experienced team who can bring together several components to craft a solution that delivers or exceeds customer expectations. Your application, production goals, containers material and dimensions, machine condition, changeover efficiency, and container handling needs all go into the design and manufacture of your change parts.

A change parts manufacturer with a wide range of container handling and machine experience that understands your application can be instrumental in helping you achieve peak performance. Your change part supplier should have track record of success in similar or identical applications. Look for a change parts manufacturer who also has extensive experience completing retrofits and upgrades on a variety of OEM equipment. Experience and expertise with a wide range of equipment at various stages of its lifecycle can be invaluable in helping you achieve optimum results and value. Septimatech has enhanced container control and performance on more than 2,700 different machine models on hundreds of lines worldwide.

Production improvements because of our change parts is one of the most mentioned compliments we receive.

A change parts manufacturer with strong service and additional expertise in lean manufacturing, container handling, and changeover efficiency also can help you prepare for growth or future changes to your line through audits and changeover evaluations This type of value-added analysis frequently results in increased ROI, throughput, and uptime.


2. Craftsmanship and Attention to Details that Assure Quality and Performance


Anti-Torque Star Change Part Enhancements.

New technology exists to do things we couldn’t do in the past. A change parts specialist can provide enhancements that aren’t frequently available in OEM change parts or possible in older systems. This could be increased functionality and flexibility for specific industries, or solutions for complex container control and positioning, new materials, or fast, repeatable changeovers. Septimatech engineers enhancements into its change parts not available by most OEMs and competitors.

Enhancements could simply be using materials and a design that ensure less parts wear or product damage at critical touch points. Improvements in durability, performance and noise reduction are frequently a result of matching the right material with the desired outcome. Reduced spillage and product loss can frequently be achieved by better matching change part materials to the application. Material options and related outcomes are some of the key reasons packaged goods manufacturers turn to change parts manufacturers vs OEMs for replacement components.

Septimatech uses digital measurement equipment to create a 3D model of your machine while at your site to ensure quality and faster lead times than most OEMs and competitors. We validate all designs with advanced simulation of container travel to ensure precise motion and container control. We thoroughly test our solutions and your change parts to ensure they provide maximum performance.


3. Improved Changeovers, Ergonomics, and Installation that Improve Uptime


Change parts that enhance human and machine interaction can be a significant factor in increased production, safety, and overall efficiency. Well-designed, precision-crafted change parts are easier to install, changeover and adjust. Parts that are lighter and easy to install reduce injury risk and improve changeover efficiency. Ergonomic change parts also improve changeover times and reduce installation errors.

Yellow Change Parts on a Filling Machine

Septimatech Quick Change Parts on a Line

For example, Quick Change Parts ensure one-way installation for fast, simple, repeatable machine changeover that eliminates operator variables and downtime. Custom-engraving and color-coding provide fast, easy identification. Thoughtful design and material use facilitates compact footprints for easy storage, transport, and cleaning.

Disruption caused by inefficient or inferior change parts create downtime, frustrate employees, and cost more in the long run. The benefits of change parts that provide fast, repeatable changeovers and operate more effectively can be a substantial return on investment and productivity improvement.


4. Superior Change Parts Can Increase Machine Flexibility


Change parts manufacturers who have experience with multiple machine platforms and models can help optimize equipment for increased flexibility, handling of multiple SKUs, improved performance and specialized applications or product packages.

Do your homework on machinery and change parts applications, costs, quality, and alternatives. Revitalizing packaging equipment through new parts and components that improve performance or extend flexibility to handle future bottle geometry and SKU demand is a cost-effective alternative to complete system replacement.

Septimatech has a track record for getting the most from your packaging equipment for optimal machine flexibility.  When you are considering buying a new machine, Septimatech can add value in your ROI analysis by helping you investigate the possibility of replacing parts and components instead. Our knowledge and experience with multiple machine platforms and models, container control, and risk management can be applied to your existing equipment. This could mean improved performance and increased value from your existing machinery investment.


5. Lead Time and Responsive Delivery


Septimatech has an Experienced Team of Change Part Specialists that will help you optimize your change overs.

When you need new change parts, lead time is crucial to preventing delays in meeting planned SKU launch dates and avoidable costs associated to long lead times. A part supplier who understands your SKU demands and performance expectations reduces your risk of long lead times and receiving poor performing change parts. Septimatech has excellent turnaround time on OEM replacement and Quick Change Parts. Choosing the right partner is the first step in building a long-term relationship that can improve your line’s efficiency and effectiveness, as well as your bottom line.



Septimatech has the experience, craftsmanship and commitment to your success to help you put together the quality components of your optimum packaging line. Contact us today to learn how Septimatech Change Parts can help you get the most value from your machine and packaging line investment.