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Introducing New Containers?

Prevent Potential Production Risks and Enhance Line Performance

If you’re considering new containers in the near future, you’re not alone. COVID cost pressures coupled with an increased focus on sustainable packaging and e-commerce are leading many companies to introduce different packaging or new SKUs. Preventing potential production problems is undoubtedly one of your most important challenges, but did you know introducing new containers creates an ideal opportunity to enhance overall machine and line performance reduce downtime and increase flexibility for future container changes?

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Easy Adjust Rails® make introducing new containers easier than ever before.

A thorough assessment of container handling, existing equipment performance, change parts, changeovers, and downtime reduces potential production issues with new containers and helps uncover enhancements that help you get more value from your line. By looking at your line as a whole, you can frequently improve efficiency and find cost-effective alternatives to complete machine or system replacement.

For example increasing production speed to reach higher or to maintain production goals with a new package may create container handling challenges or reduce machine performance. Efficiencies gained through modifications or upgrades to change parts, feed screws, feed screw drives and how a product conveys at accumulation points, curves and tight corners frequently improve production output. Improvements to changeover processes reduce downtime and ergonomic risks and may improve labor efficiency.

Optimizing Production for Your New Container

An experienced partner will help you identify potential production risks related to your new container size, geometry, weight and material. Is the material prone to static buildup? How does the size, geometry and weight impact positioning and handling on machines and across the line? How does it handle empty and full?

Efficient interaction between your packaging machines and your containers depend on your change parts. Optimizing production for your new container requires thorough evaluation of your change parts, machine touchpoints and container handling. Any modifications to change parts and feed screws should be supported by precise measurement, simulations and testing to  to ensure consistent handling, proper positioning and container motion. Septimatech uses digital measurement equipment to create a 3D model of your machine while at your site. All design concepts are validated with advanced simulation of container travel to ensure precise motion and tested for fit and finish.

How the new container will convey is also an important assessment.  What is the potential for tipping, shingling or product damage? Will certain sections be potential problem areas, such as corners, crossovers, multi-lanes, inclines and accumulation points? Do guide rails provide consistent container handling and reduce product damage? Are adjustable guide rails needed? Are they easy to adjust? Accurate? Repeatable?

Additional assessments that help ensure your line and new container meet production expectations include:

  • machine and change part performance and wear
  • sources of downtime
  • changeover processes such as time and adjustments needed from setup to optimum production, repeatability, ergonomics and safety, required labor, parts storage and transport.
  • line flexibility and adjustability for future containers

Choosing the right partner can make the difference between a successful container launch and a slow, costly ramp up to required production levels.

Choosing the Right Partner

Work with a container handling expert that understands your application and is focused on helping you achieve peak performance. Share your production requirements in as much detail as possible. Make sure to discuss all your SKUs and provide the output you expect. A good partner will work closely and collaborate with you to ensure you get the best solutions for your needs.

Septimatech knows changeparts

Septimatech is here to help you find a solution to your Change Parts challenge.

Change part manufacturers should have a track record of success in similar or identical applications. Additional expertise in lean manufacturing, ergonomics and strategies to maintain production efficiency across your packaging line will also help you achieve optimal performance throughout the lifecycle of your containers and equipment.

Change parts manufacturers with strong service and line assessment experience can help you prepare for future changes to your line and strategies to improve handling, production, maintenance, and changeover repeatability and efficiency.

Look for a container handling and change parts manufacturer who has extensive experience completing retrofits and upgrades on a variety of OEM equipment. Ensure your supplier provides timely service and that change parts are a core part of its business.

How Septimatech Can Help

Septimatech has helped hundreds of customers introduce a wide range of new containers of all sizes, shapes and materials. We’ve enhanced container control and performance on more than 2,700 different machine models on hundreds of lines worldwide. We spend time to understand what improvements are required. For nearly 30 years, leading consumer goods, beverage, industrial and pharmaceutical companies have trusted Septimatech to improve their container handling and changeovers. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get successfully launch new packaging and get the most value from your machine and packaging line investment.