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Septimatech changeover and container handling solutions are ideal for pet care and food manufacturers looking to overcome production challenges caused by frequent changeovers, smaller batches and multiple SKUs. Septimatech solutions help pet care manufacturers worldwide reduce changeover downtime and container handling challenges that lead to product damage, decreased efficiency and production loss. All products can be manufactured for FDA compliance if required. Hygienic designs and stainless steel materials make cleaning easy and reduce part wear.

Septimatech machine and line changeover solutions provide fast, accurate, repeatable changeovers that eliminate installation and set-up errors and increase production flexibility. Simple, precise set-ups deliver enhanced container handling that eliminates shingling, scuffing, and marking—even for space constrained line configurations such as tight radius corners. Septimatech Feed Screw Drives and Feed Screws ensure precise timing, container flow, and product orientation for maximum speed and efficiency. Septimatech also designs and manufactures a wide range of custom solutions for unique pet care container handling and changeover needs.

All Septimatech changeover and container handling solutions are washdown capable and inert to caustic cleaning solutions. Septimatech solutions also reduce ergonomic risk and are easy to install, set-up and maintain by one person.

FDA Compliance

Smooth Container Handling

Hygienic / Washdown Ready Designs

Here are just some of the Pet Care Products we’ve worked with:



Shampoo / Conditioner





Odor Eliminators

Container Types:

  • Bottles (Glass or Plastic)
  • Jars (Glass or Plastic)
  • Tins / Cans (Metal or Plastic)
  • Cartons
  • Cups

Cap Types:

  • Screw
  • Snap On
  • Dispensing
  • Droppers

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