Smart Storage Systems & Shadow Board Change Parts Cart

5S Change Parts Storage Carts


Optimal organization with custom-made lean manufacturing carts.

Septimatech 5S Change Parts Carts are custom-made to fit your changeover parts, processes and storage needs. Our 5S Carts are an ideal solution for pharmaceutical and food companies with strict clean room and FDA compliance requirements or any company with lean manufacturing or Six Sigma requirements. Septimatech has more than a quarter century of lean manufacturing experience and has designed 5S Change Parts Carts for hundreds of lines worldwide performing thousands of changeovers a day.


  • Faster, more efficient changeovers.
  • Increases confidence in compliance.
  • Reduces risk of lost or damaged parts.
  • Improves ergonomics.
  • Stores parts in small footprint.
  • Simplifies parts transport.
  • Custom-made to your needs.
  • Faster recognition of part wear.


  • Custom-engraving and shadow board construction for easy parts identification.
  • Custom drawers, doors, and covers available.
  • Washdown ready, clean room compliant.
  • Secure robust parts mounts.
  • High quality locking, swivel casters.
  • Made to your lean or Six-Sigma requirements.
  • Wall mountable variation is easily and securely installed to walls.

5S Change Parts Storage Carts

Smart Storage Cart

The Customer needed to eliminate part loss and damage, as well as reduce time for changeover. They also wanted to improve access and organization.

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