Cap Handling Change Parts & Cap Sorter Change Parts

Cap Handling

Septimatech is committed to provide Customers with complete changeover solutions.

Septimatech offers high quality cap control and precise cap application-to-container for greater product throughput and efficient machine performance. Our extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities, coupled with proven cap handling results are applied to various cap shapes and sizes for whatever your application needs are. As new containers and caps are introduced, the importance of a reliable, experienced, innovative partner familiar with OEM machinery is crucial.

What’s in it for you: reliable, attentive, responsive, informative, results-driven solutions you can count on. See how Septimatech products can deliver reliable performance in every change for you.

Septimatech offers a wide range of cap handling applications to best suit production needs:

  • Cap Chutes
  • Cap Chucks
  • Self-Centering Cap Chucks and inserts
  • Cap Sorter Stars
  • Turnover Chutes
  • Cap Chute Guarding
  • Cap Distribution Stars and Guides
  • Escapement Blocks

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