Easy Adjust Cap Chute System & Rapid Changeover Bottle Cap Rails

Easy Adjust Cap Chute


Transform your cap handling with fast, accurate repeatable changeovers.

Easy Adjust cap chutes provide 3-axis adjustment for precise cap handling tailored to your application, including oblong, asymmetrical, tapered or odd-shaped closures. Independent adjusters for right, left and top rails ensure accurate positioning for optimum cap flow and stability without lifting and jamming.

Adjustments are repeatable and accurate to plus or minus 1 mm. Numerical displays on each adjuster provide quick changeover confirmation. Operator variables are virtually eliminated. Robust, rack and pinion design deliver long lasting durability and reliably maintains set adjustment position with no energy or air required.

Simple. Efficient. Low maintenance.


  • Improves cap stability and control
  • Fast, accurate, repeatable setups
  • No fine tuning required
  • Reduces changeover time
  • Easy installation on existing equipment
  • Low maintenance components—no springs, seals or air pressure required
  • No energy required
  • Eliminates operator variables


  • Precisely adjust 80 feet of cap chute from one location in less than 10 seconds
  • Independent adjusters for left, right and top rails
  • Robust mounts, couplings and adjusters
  • Numerical displays for quick setting confirmation
  • Accurate to plus or minus 1 mm
  • Washdown capable

Easy Adjust Cap Chute System