Septimatech Easy Adjust Rails & Easy Adjust Guide Rails Systems

Easy Adjust Tight Radius Corner


Unprecedented container control and changeover for 90 and 180 degree corners

Septimatech Easy Adjust Tight Radius Corners adjust to a 6-inch corner radius on any 90 and 180 degree corner, S-bend, zig-zag, or space constrained line configuration. In seconds, precisely adjust inside and outside guide rails or just one side for wheel corners, or wheel bend corners for superior container control and throughput. Adjustments are repeatable and accurate to plus or minus 1 mm. Numerical displays on each adjuster provide quick setting confirmation. No fine tuning or change parts required.

Easy Adjust Tight Radius Corners deliver exceptional guide rail adjustments and container control for any container type, shape, or size—empty or full.


  • Improves container control
  • Fast, accurate, repeatable setups
  • No fine tuning required
  • Eliminates operator variables
  • Reduces changeover time
  • Rail position maintained with no backlash
  • Easy installation on existing conveyors
  • Maintenance free components


  • Independent adjusters for inside and outside rails
  • Numerical displays for quick setting confirmation
  • Accurate to plus or minus 1 mm
  • Low friction, no marking container travel
  • Robust mounts, couplings and adjusters
  • Small footprint
  • Washdown capable
Easy Adjust Tight Radius Corners Brochure
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Easy Adjust Tight Radius Corner