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Feed Screw Drives



Septimatech Feed Screw Drive solutions are tailored to your container handling, timing or sequencing needs. We offer Feed Screw Drives powered by synchronized servos for intelligent applications and AC motor drives for all feed screw applications. Our Servo-driven Feed Screw Drives provide ultimate production control, such as custom positioning, skip feeds, immediate synchronization resets and other user-defined programming options. Our servo-driven Dual Feed Screw Drives eliminate unnecessary mechanical linkages for low maintenance in the smallest possible footprint. Lexan covers allow visual inspection of long-lasting, low-maintenance belts.

Septimatech Feed Screw Drives with AC motors operate efficiently and provide outstanding performance for a wide range of feed screw applications and budgets. Low maintenance AC motor Feed Screw Drives are compact and low maintenance and easy to install on any packaging line.

Our industry-leading experience in container control solutions and commitment to helping you achieve perfect timing make Septimatech the trusted, no-risk partner for all your Feed Screw Drive and Feed Screw needs.


  • Custom-made to your machine and application
  • Enhanced container control
  • Advanced servo or AC motor options
  • Integrates with any control system or available as stand alone
  • Works will all machine makes and models


  • Dual or single drives with Servo or AC motors
  • Lexan covers for visual belt inspection
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast, tool-less feed screw changeover
  • Washdown capable


  • Intelligent control and machine synchronization including recipes and fault detection
  • Metering, spacing, grouping and counting
  • Orientating, tilting, inverting, rotating, twisting
  • Skip feeding and indexing
  • Capping and measuring
  • Inspection, leak detection and quality control
  • Guides and turnover chutes coupled with feed screws
  • High speed applications (2,000 containers per minute)
  • Container sizes from pharmaceutical vials to 5-gallon containers

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