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Feed Screw Drives



Increased efficiency + performance + flexibility = maximum value for your machine investment

Septimatech provides customers with options to improve their packaging machine performance for greater container control and machine throughput. Septimatech’s feed screw drive systems are customized to achieve the results you need in container handling. Whether your application requires single, dual, synchro or infeed control we have the expertise to help you find the right solution for your needs.

Simple, robust, and modular in design, Septimatech feed screw drive systems are custom engineered and manufactured to suit applications requiring in-line, offset, overhead, bottom or top belt configurations and available in AC motor and servo to flexibly adapt to your existing system.

Difficult-to-control containers are no longer a packaging challenge with the Programmable Infeed Control feed screw drive system (PICS). The system maintains prime, acts as a bottle stop, separates difficult bottles, and efficiently integrates into your line providing for greater container control flexibility.

Customers rely on Septimatech for custom engineered changeover solutions for quick return on investment, accurate, repeatable, rapid setup, and improved container control for maximum efficiency, performance and flexibility.

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