Feed Screws


A major beverage industry Customer reported that liquid spillage was reduced by 80% after installing Septimatech’s Feed Screws. The result = 20% increase in line speed.

Septimatech feed screws are superior in design, performance and quality. Customers achieve consistent predictable results with increased throughput efficiency and reduced machine changeover for greater machine performance.

Septimatech uses the latest cutting-edge technology to design and manufacture Feed Screws for precise and repeatable Feed Screw operation. Feed Screws feature a smooth surface finish and pocket-to-pocket accuracy for flawless container transfer without scuffing, damage, marking of the container or label and reduced spillage. State-of-the-art 3D design software can accurately model the Feed Screw simulating proper fit, form and function for high quality performance for time sensitive schedules. All Feed Screw applications are available in rapid changeover RXNT® (Rapid eXchange No Tool) style or standard changeover design options. Feed Screws are engineered for precise, efficient, repeatable changeovers and machine performance providing you reliable performance in every change.

Feed Screw applications:

  • Container separation and timing
  • Container tilting for angle necks
  • Container dwell applications
  • Container grouping, turning, dividing, combining
  • Container lay down and 180-degree inversion
  • Machine-to-machine synchronization
  • Container orientation
  • High speed applications


  • Quick change components reduce changeover time
  • CNC machined parts guarantee pocket-to-pocket consistency for precise container handling
  • Standardized quick change system reduces operator set up time and changeover time
  • Available for all machines
  • Cost effective
  • Repeatable, predictable quality results
  • In-house testing capabilities allow for replication of production environment
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance protocols ensure dependable quality every time



  • Customized and clear engraving for easy identification
  • Simplifies product retrieval


  • Quick change RXNT® Feed Screw systems are pre-timed requiring no adjustment
  • Feed screw components facilitate easy set up and one-way fit location
  • Tool-less changeovers
  • Most parts weigh less than 20 lbs for improved ergonomic health and safety practices


  • Easy removal for cleaning


  • Each feed screw is color-coded to allow for easy identification
  • Common changeover methodology


  • Repeatable standardized changeover design provides consistent set up every time
  • In conjunction with our smart storage systems, feed screws can be stored, organized and cleaned to suit the work environments

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