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Feed Screws / Timing Screws


A beverage customer reported an 80% reduction in spillage and a 20% increase in line speed after installing Septimatech Feed Screws.

Septimatech Feed Screws are tailor-made to your container control, timing and sequencing needs. Our industry leading experience in designing feed screw solutions combined with state-of-the art manufacturing, CAD simulation and testing ensure superior pocket-to-pocket accuracy and container flow. Smooth, low friction surfaces prevent scuffing and marking on labels and containers.

Whether you call your feed screws timing screws, scrolls, tornillos sin fin, worms, vis d’alimentation, infeed screws, gusanos or tornillos de alimentacion or a helix, we offer quick lead times and cost-effective solutions for all your applications, regardless of container size and shape.


  • Enhanced container control
  • Low friction, no marking container travel
  • Fast, tool-less changeover
  • Precise pocket-to-pocket consistency
  • Custom-made to your machine and application
  • Short lead times


  • Color-coding for easy identification
  • Custom engraving
  • Manufactured for any machine make and model
  • Long-wear, abrasion resistant life


  • Feeding, separating and timing
  • Tilting for angled necks
  • Inverting, rotating, twisting
  • Container lay down
  • Grouping, dividing, combining
  • Machine-to-machine synchronization

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