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Optimal performance. Maximum value from existing machine assets.

Septimatech change parts feature numerous enhancements beyond industry norms that improve performance and value. A household consumer goods company increased OEE by more than 22% after installing Septimatech Change Parts and Feed Screws. We help our customers overcome container handling challenges so they receive maximum value and productivity from existing machine assets. Complex container positioning, transfers, geometries, and flimsy, pliable materials are no problem. We have developed solutions for more than 2,700 makes and models of packaging machines that consistently deliver better container handling, more efficient changeovers and high value. Septimatech manufactures rotary change parts and in line change parts for all manufacturer makes and models.


  • Enhanced container handling.
  • Custom engraving for easy identification.
  • Advanced digital measurement and 3-D modelled change parts.
  • Quick lead times and attentive service.
  • Custom-engineered to your machine’s physical condition for maximum performance.
  • Improved changeover and machine performance.
  • Proven results on more than 2,700 machine makes and models worldwide.
  • Industry-leading experience solving container handling challenges.


  • Color-coding for proper change part installation and identification.
  • Choice of 25 color combinations for SKUs and machine differentiation.
  • Precision engineering and simulation of all change parts.
  • Wash-down ready.
  • Lightweight, durable materials for increased ergonomics and safety.
  • Engineered materials selected to meet your production environment.
  • Long-wear, abrasion resistant life.

OEM Change Parts Resources

Urethane Star Change Part

The Customer wanted to reduce maintenance costs due to damage from broken glass during product handling and to reduce noise levels during product handling.

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Spotting Star Change Part

The Customer was having difficulty maintaining proper orientation of a container with an off-set neck and handle during filling, and needed a new change part that allowed proper filling and handling of the container at required production speeds.

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Anti-Torque Star Change Part

The Customer needed to handle and cap a non-rigid container with a complex geometrical shape. Capping was inconsistent and some containers were being damaged resulting in slower production and higher costs.

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Removable Pocket Star Change Part

The Customer wanted a more robust and cost-effective solution to their existing expensive crowner star assemblies for their high-speed, glass bottle packaging line. Existing crowner star assemblies were causing declines in productivity and performance due to excessive wear, water absorption and glass damage.

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Change Part Innovation

The Customer’s new larger container was too big for the filler head pitch, and they wanted a cost-effective and easy to changeover solution that would allow them to run a variety of containers on the line.

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Rapid eXchange No Tool Change Parts

5 Great Reasons to Upgrade Your Change Parts

by Quinn Martin | Aug 31, 2021

For some packaging operations, the decision to upgrade change parts is an afterthought until it’s time to run new containers or something breaks. Efficient interaction between your packaging machines and your containers depends on your change parts. Investing in them

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Get Fast Machine Changeovers, Increase OEE & Improve Product Handling

by Quinn Martin | Nov 24, 2020

WATCH our Live Product Demo and learn how our Change Parts, Tooling Carts, Feed Screw & Drive Solutions solve your Container & Cap Handling changeover challenges. Our experience with over 2,700 machine models solve unique challenges with container control, geometry and

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