Quick Change Parts & Quick Changeover System

Quick Change Parts


Reduce average changeover from 1 hour to under 5 minutes – a 97% time savings

Septimatech’s Quick Change Parts provide fast, accurate, repeatable changeovers. Puzzle-cut parts and locating pins ensure one-way positioning and locking onto nucleus components. Installation errors and excessive downtime are eliminated. We custom engineer Quick Change Parts to your application, container and machine. We use digital measurement equipment to create a 3D model of your machine while at your plant to help ensure quality and fast lead times. Septimatech manufactures rotary change parts & in line change parts for all manufacturer makes and models. Customers standardizing on Septimatech Quick Change Parts enjoy improved machine performance, reduced product loss, faster changeovers and less downtime.


  • Superior container control reduces
  • container damage and product waste.
  • Fast, accurate repeatable changeovers.
  • Simple, error-free tool-less setup.
  • Enhanced ergonomics and safety.
  • Custom-engineered to your machine’s physical condition for maximum performance.
  • High return on investment compared to traditional change parts.
  • Standardized changeovers regardless of machine make and model.


  • Precision, custom engineered nucleus components and parts.
  • Custom engraving for easy identification.
  • Color-coding for proper change part installation and identification.
  • Choice of 25 color combinations for SKUs and machine differentiation.
  • Puzzle-cut parts, nucleus components and locator pins ensure fast, secure one-way positioning.
  • Tool-less changeovers.
  • Most parts weigh less than 20 lbs. for increased ergonomics and safety.
  • Durable, flat, lightweight construction for easy cleaning and storage.

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