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Septimatech’s Core Values

Living the Legacy

Septimatech’s core values were instilled by our founder Peter D. Fenton, and continue to guide how we do things on a day-to-day basis. We call this ‘Living the Legacy’.


I. Be Committed to the Customer

  • Give them what they want, how they want it, when they want it.
  • Add a personal touch. Treat every Customer as your own.
  • Value the Customer relationship and take ownership for the Customer experience.
  • Challenge the way we do things until Customer satisfaction, products, and service is 100%.
  • Be innovative to improve Septimatech’s leadership in the marketplace.

II. Deliver Superior Quality

  • Differentiate ourselves through the quality of our actions, our products, and our services.
  • Take pride in workmanship and know the importance of safety, accuracy, and good housekeeping.
  • Be accountable. Do what you say you will do.
  • Look for better ways of doing things.
  • Be dedicated and loyal to your work and to each other.

III. Act with Trust and Honesty

  • Always act with integrity.
  • Be positive and trust that things will work out O.K.
  • Trust others and be trustworthy yourself.
  • Admit your mistakes and learn from them.
  • Embrace new ideas and the different viewpoints of others.

IV. Do Business with Class and Dignity

  • Remember it takes little more to do it with style and class.
  • Make people feel special.
  • Treat everyone with dignity, no matter the situation.
  • Give and earn the respect of others.
  • Challenge yourself to personal and professional growth. Do things outside your comfort zone.

V. Cooperate and Share Responsibility

  • Be committed to making each other and the company a success.
  • Work in the spirit of a team.
  • Raise your game! Challenge and encourage each other to be better.
  • Take the initiative and help each other, no matter whose job.
  • Act with good judgement and follow through with quality actions for the good of the company and others.

VI. Communicate Openly with Others

  • Communicate regularly and effectively with people.
  • Give recognition and praise for accomplishments and work well done.
  • Ask for assistance. Say thank you!
  • Be a good listener. Ask questions to understand and learn more.
  • Deal with problems and issues when they arise. Solve them quickly in a diplomatic and courteous manner.

VII. Take Leadership and Share the Excitement of Being Part of Septimatech

  • Have fun! Celebrate life.
  • Take pride in being part of something special.
  • Actively share ideas and success stories.
  • Explore the uniqueness of others.
  • Build win-win relationships.