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Easy Changeover Carts


Reimagine your change parts storage with versatile user-configurable carts.

Septimatech Easy Changeover Carts provide fast, simple, orderly changeovers and unlimited versatility at a modest investment. Three standard sizes store more parts per square inch than competitive systems. Washdown ready design makes convenient on-cart change parts cleaning a snap. High quality casters provide outstanding maneuverability, even on rough surfaces, and quickly change from non-swivel to swivel for in place pivoting and access to all sides. Wheel brakes ensure safe, secure loading and unloading. 

A global household cleaning products manufacturer reported 30 minutes of time savings during changeovers by using an Easy Changeover cart. This also resulted in 120 minutes of downtime being saved over a week due to not having to locate lost parts or repair parts that had been stored incorrectly.

Get organized today and stay organized tomorrow as parts and needs change.


  • Stores parts in small footprint
  • Reduces risk of lost or damaged parts
  • Improves ergonomics
  • Increases changeover efficiency
  • Simplifies parts transport
  • User-configurable
  • Reorganize or repurpose carts as needed
  • No measure up or custom components required
  • Standard carts and accessories for easy ordering and quick delivery.


  • Robust standard mounts and bins snap in place securely
  • Washdown ready construction.
  • Reusable frame to display change parts storage positioning guide.
  • High quality locking, swivel casters.
  • Three standard lengths 94” 70” and 46” store more parts per square inch than competitive systems.
  • Wall mountable variation is easily and securely installed to walls and can be configured using the same mounting accessories.

Easy Changeover Carts

Smart Storage Cart

The Customer needed to eliminate part loss and damage, as well as reduce time for changeover. They also wanted to improve access and organization.

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Take Control of Your Change Parts Storage and Transport

by Quinn Martin | Aug 17, 2021

New Easy Changeover Carts provide simple, cost-effective efficiency improvements Change Parts Carts are one of the simplest and most cost-effective investments you can make to improve your changeover efficiency and parts management. Septimatech’s New user-configurable

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