Packaging Line Adjustable Reject Lanes & Flexible Guide Rail System

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Combining experience of over 2,700 makes and models of packaging machines, our precision-engineered products simplify operations, improve efficiency, and assure rapid, accurate, repeatable changeovers and adjustments. Many of the world’s leading consumer and industrial goods manufacturers depend on Septimatech to increase uptime, improve performance and flexibility, and overcome unique production challenges. With our strong commitment to Research and Development that improves machine productivity and line efficiency we innovate solutions for your specific needs.

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Adjustable Reject Lanes:

The Unison® Adjustable Guide Rail System applied to reject lanes provides for improved container control, versatility in container reject capabilities, improved accuracy and flexibility in conveyor centerline function.

Gravity Chute:

For high elevated, hard-to-reach areas, the Unison® Flexible Guide Rail System has helped our Customers realize health and safety benefits, time savings and more rapid and efficient changeovers.


Whether your container conveyor application is ground level table top or elevated air conveyor the Unison® Guide Rail System is ideal for repeatable efficient changeovers. Unison® can be applied to any Airveyor configuration be it straight, corner, or curve sections and can be adjusted to the various container neck and body size profiles from the ground floor. This can eliminate the need for lifting equipment, can alleviate health and safety elevation concerns, and provide a solution for difficult to reach areas.

Dust Covers:

If you need to prevent dust particle contamination during the transport of containers on your packaging line then the Unison® Dust Cover System can solve the problem. Dust covers can retrofit to any conveyor configuration. Whether containers are short or tall in profile the flexibility of the Unison® Dust Cover System is adaptable to suit any production requirement. Dust covers are available in light weight designs set to a standard height or with flexible adjustment capabilities to adjust vertically to the varying heights of containers.

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Unison® Gravity Chute

The Customer needed to convey multi-sized containers on a line at different elevations including inclines. Containers on inclines would fall forward and jam. Chute adjustments and jam fixes required ladders. Changeover was time consuming and not easily repeatable or accurate.

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