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Septimatech changeover and container handling solutions provide copackers with increased line and machine flexibility so they can run a wide range of container types, including obscure and difficult container sizes and shapes. We provide quick responsive service and support so you can focus on working with your customers. We have manufactured solutions for more than 2,700 different machine models operating on hundreds of lines worldwide.

Our solutions help co-packers maximize production and speed to market for their customers, while reducing many of the risks associated with contract packaging. We offer a wide range of standard and custom changeover and container handling solutions that deliver fast, simple multi-container changeovers and efficient, ergonomic storage.

Septimatech has built up extensive catalogue of changeover parts for many bottle/container types over the years, meaning if you have a container you think you may need a new part for, we may have already designed a solution for it. All our changeover solutions are precise, repeatable, and designed for fast, accurate changeovers by one person. Lightweight materials at a lower cost are available.

Repeatable, Precise, Fast Changeovers

2,700 Machine Makes / Models Worked On

Hygienic / Washdown Ready Designs

Container Types We’ve Worked With:



Tins / Cans 







We provide changeover and container handling solutions for a wide range of food, beverage, consumer, and industrial products packaged into containers and boxes on a packaging line.

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