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New Easy Changeover Carts provide simple, cost-effective efficiency improvements

Change Parts Carts are one of the simplest and most cost-effective investments you can make to improve your changeover efficiency and parts management. Septimatech’s New user-configurable Easy Changeover Carts provide fast, simple, orderly changeovers and unlimited versatility at a modest investment.

Here are four ways that Easy Changeover Carts can benefit your packaging operation.

Efficient Workflow
Changeover carts significantly reduce downtime by ensuring that your change parts are organized in one place, easy to transport and ready to install. Change parts stored on the cart are easy to identify and examine for wear. Any missing parts are quickly recognized. Easy Changeover carts include a change parts reference positioning guide for efficient, repeatable storage of your change parts. Easy Changeover Carts are washdown capable for simple on-cart cleaning. Reduced downtime and more efficient use of employee time are two of the biggest benefits Change Parts carts identified by Septimatech customers.

Reduced Part Loss and Damage
Change part damage or loss can mean costly replacement and downtime. Easy Changeover Carts provide a dedicated location for secure, organized storage. Change part mounts and bins on Easy Changeover Carts hold valuable parts securely in place during storage and transport. Many Septimatech customers report that change part damage and loss were virtually eliminated after implementing change parts carts

Improved Space Utilization
Easy Changeover Carts securely store a large number of parts in a small footprint and make it possible to place carts close to the packaging line for convenient point-of-use. Because Easy Changeover Carts are user-configurable, they can be easily repurposed for different change parts or simply reorganized to improve workflow, storage or ergonomics.

Improved Ergonomics
Easy Changeover Carts roll smoothly and maneuver easily in tight spaces, even on rough and uneven surfaces. High quality casters change from non-swivel to swivel for in place pivoting and access to all sides. Wheel brakes and secure mounts ensure safe easy loading and unloading.

Reimagine your change parts storage today and stay organized tomorrow.

See Our Easy Changeover Cart Video