Change Parts Smart Storage Carts Case Study | Custom Tooling Carts | Septimatech

Smart Storage Cart

Customer Challenge

Customers needed to eliminate part loss and damage and reduce time for changeover. Customer also wanted to improve access and organization.

About the Customer

Customers across multiple industry segments which require various line changeovers to run different containers or products. Customers share a common desire to make changeovers more efficient and improve organization and access to required change parts.


Septimatech provided a custom Smart Storage Cart for all machine change parts

Customer Results

  • Changeover time is reduced by having all change parts stored together and easily identified in accessible location near packaging line.
  • Part loss and damage were virtually eliminated.
  • Parts can be cleaned in cart making the process easier and quicker.
  • Parts were stored in a smaller footprint.
  • Identification of worn parts that need replacing is more efficient.
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