Septimatech Celebrates 30 Years of Change Part and Container Handling Excellence - Septimatech Group Inc.

A Big Thank You to Our Customers, Team Members, Suppliers, and Friends.

This year marks Septimatech’s 30th anniversary. We couldn’t be more excited and honored to celebrate with customers, team members, suppliers, and friends. The company we are today is a result of the many professional and personal bonds developed over the years with the Customers who trust us with a crucial part of their business, our dedicated team, the suppliers that support us, and the friends who encourage and help us grow our business.

Septimatech group Photo 2023

Like many important milestones in our lives—Septimatech’s beginnings feel uniquely long ago and vividly recent at the same time. In looking back, it seems appropriate that the idea for Septimatech was born in a living room among friends and colleagues discussing ideas to make packaging changeovers and container handling more efficient. The same professional collaboration and passion for solving production challenges that existed then among the seven original founders runs through the hearts and minds of Septimatech team members today.

We’ve been fortunate to develop lasting relationships with our customers, many of them for more than 25 years. As our customers have grown, we’ve grown along with them. We believe the common thread—the constant—that has made that possible is trust that we only share ideas and solutions that help them operate faster, more efficiently, with greater performance, and better value. That distinction is an important one because at its core is our team’s recognition that our collective success depends on solving our customers production challenges and developing more efficient and cost-effective experiences for them.

As with our customers, we have built long-term relationships with our team. Several of our employees have been with us since the beginning and many of them for longer than 10 years. We’ve fostered expertise and experience in our team over the years and prioritized creativity and commitment to our customer service values when adding new team members.  We are immensely proud of our entire team and the sustained value they continue to provide our customers.

This is not to say that innovative technology, applications, and processes are unimportant. The packaging industry is an ever evolving, time-sensitive world. Thirty years ago, electronic and digital applications were less sophisticated. As was measuring technology and design processes. Planning trips and rapidly delivering products and service were not as easy. Virtual real-time visual collaboration was impossible. Technology today has and continues to replace many repetitive tasks and reduced human error. Interactive design and simulation capabilities allow us to work with customers around the world in real-time to rapidly develop solutions. Innovation and new technology are crucial to providing customers with the most effective solutions, but they are only as good as the value they provide to our customers and our team’s ability to serve them.

We are also proud of the leadership and responsibility our team has shown in our industry and communities. Septimatech team members have served on the Board and committees of PMMI and other industry organizations. We have supported and partnered with numerous universities, engineering, and business organizations. We are committed to being an environmental steward and advancing sustainability in our industry. We use renewable energy sources, recycled materials, paperless drawings and reduce our ecological footprint wherever possible.

Thank you once again for your trust and your support. It has made a difference for Septimatech as a company and the past 30 years a pleasure.