Fast, Adjustable, Repeatable Guide Rail Changeover with NO Fine Tuning - Septimatech Group Inc.

ROI in a year or less? WATCH our Live Product Demo and learn what our Easy Adjust Rails®, Multi-Lane Adjust & Unison® changeover product handling solutions can do for you. From one location, adjust conveyor corners, crossovers and straights repeatably to plus / minus 1 mm accuracy.

In less than 10 seconds you can precisely adjust 80 feet of guide rails or a 30 foot of section of multi-lane conveyor divider plates. Our line changeover solutions are an ideal solution for any beverage, food, pharmaceutical, or consumer good packaging operation that runs multiple containers or boxes of different shapes and sizes on the same line.

For over a quarter of a century, Septimatech has supplied reliable change part solutions that increase productivity for packaging lines and machines worldwide. We design and manufacture innovative, precision engineered changeover solutions that provide repeatable, accurate, intuitive changeovers and improve container handling and performance.

Our portfolio of products includes:

  • Feedscrews / Timing Screws for in-feed, dwell, turning, tilting, combining, diverging, grouping, rotate.
  • Quick Change Parts for rotary or inline machines.
  • Change Parts Carts & Storage Units.
  • Feed Screw Drive Units to index, de-nest, meter and collate to increase machine bottle handling capabilities.
  • Bottle Reject Units.
  • Cap Chucks, Chutes, Sorter Stars.
  • Adjustable Guide Rails / Side Guides.
  • Adjustable Case Packer Lane Guides.

Septimatech and its team are professional, valued partners, collaborating with our Customers to understand their changeover challenges, delivering innovative solutions that maximize packaging line performance and value with our aftermarket parts. Septimatech has knowledge and experience gained from working on over 2,700 makes and models of packaging machines in personal care, home and fabric care, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.