Transform Your Cap Handling and Changeovers with New Easy Adjust Cap Chutes - Septimatech Group Inc.

Don’t let cap handling and changeover challenges slow down your production or create unnecessary downtime.

Septimatech’s New Easy Adjust Cap Chutes provide 3-axis adjustment of guides for precise cap handling tailored to your application, including oblong, asymmetrical, tapered or odd-shaped closures. Cap chute guide rail changeovers are fast, accurate, and repeatable. A single user can precisely adjust 80 feet of cap chute from one location in less than 10 seconds, including corners. No fine tuning or change parts required.

Independent adjusters for right, left and top rails ensure accurate positioning for optimum cap flow and stability without lifting. Numerical displays on each adjuster provide quick changeover confirmation. Adjustments are repeatable and accurate to plus or minus 1 mm.

Easy Adjust Cap Chutes can be installed on existing guide rails. Its modular design simplifies future line modifications, additions or reductions to chute length.

Plastic and stainless-steel components are inert to caustic cleaning solutions for easy washdown.

See Septimatech’s new Easy Adjust Cap Chutes at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, September 27-29, Las Vegas Convention Center, booth C-4236.

Or contact us today to find out how Easy Adjust Cap Chutes can transform your cap handling and changeover experience.