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Team Septimatech has a proven record for helping companies worldwide make their packaging lines more productive through more efficient changeovers and improved container handling.


Whether you need a single change part, or a large-scale changeover and container handling  solution, Team Septimatech works closely with you to engineer solutions that are faster, repeatable and require less labor. Learn more about how Septimatech collaborates with Customers worldwide to simplify changeovers in this video.

Meet Team Septimatech in person to see and discuss your packaging line challenges at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Booth 2836, September 11-13, Las Vegas Convention Center.

Septimatech is featuring multiple line changeover solutions, including its Easy Adjust Rails® repeatable guide rail system and Multi-Lane Guide Rail Adjustment system which eliminates change parts, lane spacers and heavy lifting equipment to allow quick, simple setup of packaging lines with multiple lanes. Septimatech also will also feature machine changeover solutions including Quick Change Parts, Feed Screws and Feed Screw drives, Easy Changeover Carts, and 5S Smart Storage Carts.

Easy Adjust Guide Rails deliver fast, repeatable guide rail adjustment and changeover, without pneumatics or other high maintenance components. Increased efficiency, reduced labor and maintenance, and improved product handling combine to provide quick return on investment and outstanding total cost of ownership. Septimatech’s Easy Adjust Rails easily retrofit to existing or new conveyor systems. Easy Adjust Rails provide one-time calibration with no springs, seals or air pressure to maintain. Guide rail changes which typically take hours are reduced to minutes. All adjustments are accurate and repeatable for consistent performance and container control in every change.

Using Septimatech’s Feed Screws and Feed Screw Drive Systems, Customers consistently report less product waste, increased throughput, and faster changeover times. Septimatech single and double feed screw drive solutions expand machine capabilities and deliver perfect timing and optimum performance. Septimatech Feed Screws provide maximum performance for simple and complex applications and containers of any shape, whether you need to infeed, synchronize, group, combine, diverge, or rotate your product.

Quick Change Parts allow quick, efficient repeatable changeover of precisely engineered parts on packaging machines. Septimatech’s Quick Change parts quickly and easily lock into place without using tools. Parts designed specifically for your containers provide pocket-to-pocket consistency for precise container handling. Customers typically reduce changeover time from 1 hour to under 5 minutes – a 97% time savings.


Using Septimatech’s Multi-Lane Adjustment System eliminates change parts, lane spacers and heavy lifting equipment to allow quick, simple adjustment of packaging lines with multiple lanes. The patented system significantly improves overall efficiency and productivity by reducing changeover complexity and freeing up valuable plant space and operator time. One person can simultaneously adjust up to a 30-foot (9 m) section of lanes guides from one location in a fraction of the time it takes with a traditional system. A similar length of traditional multi-lane section typically takes two people 35-50 minutes to changeover. An operator can complete the same length changeover in less than 5 minutes without tools or heavy lifting.



Septimatech’s Changeover Parts Storage and Transport Solutions include Easy Changeover Carts for versatile, user-configurable carts at a moderate investment and 5S Carts for custom lean manufacturing  applications. All Septimatech carts provide maximum storage space and organization for change parts in a lightweight, transportable cart. Changeover parts are easy to identify, store, organize, clean, and protect from loss or damage. Customers experience greater line changeover efficiency, less part loss and damage, improved ergonomics, and reduced operator handling time.



How Can Septimatech Help?

Septimatech offers a wide range of solutions that provide fast, accurate repeatable changeovers and enhanced container handling. Visit us at PACK EXPO Las Vegas or contact us today to learn how we can turn your changeover challenges into competitive advantages.