Anti-Torque Star Case Study | Container Capping for Production Lines | Septimatech

Anti-Torque Star Change Part

Customer Challenge

Customer needed to handle and cap a non-rigid container with a complex geometrical shape. The original machine part could not adequately support the non-rigid container while the high level of torque required to properly cap the product was applied.

Capping was inconsistent and some containers were being damaged resulting in slower production and higher costs.

About the Customer

The customer is a large multi-national manufacturer of consumer and industrial fabric and home care products. They package a wide variety of container shapes and sizes on the same line. Their line operates at high speeds around the clock. The wide variety of containers requires flexibility while maintaining precise control and consistent quality.


Septimatech developed a urethane pocket moulded to the exact geometry of their new container for full contact during capping. The new Anti-Torque Star provided needed stability and superior anti-torque capability.

Customer Results

  • Customer was able to effectively cap their containers with consistent quality at required production speeds.
  • Overall packaging efficiency and package quality improved.
  • Product loss was dramatically reduced.
  • New part provided outstanding return on investment in production rates, package quality, and reduced costs.
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