Removable Pocket Star Case Study | Changeover Star Gears | Septimatech

Removable Pocket Star Change Part

Customer Challenge

Customer wanted a more robust and cost-effective solution to their existing expensive crowner star assemblies for their high-speed, glass bottle packaging line.

Existing crowner star assemblies were causing declines in productivity and performance due to excessive wear, water absorption and glass damage.

About the Customer

Large multi-national brewery operating high speed bottling lines around the clock.


Septimatech developed a new ‘modular’ star design with a stainless steel skeleton and nylon pocket inserts that could be easily removed and changed in a couple minutes when damaged or worn.

The stainless steel skeleton provided a more robust design compared to the plastic incorporated by most crowner star assemblies. The nylon pocket inserts provided a durable but easily replaced component.

Customer Results

  • Effective life span of components increased.
  • Change part and glass damage were greatly reduced.
  • Replacement and maintenance costs for worn or damaged pockets were greatly reduced.
  • Maintenance time was significantly reduced.
  • Line performance and productivity increased.
  • New parts helped reduce the O2 content in the beer.
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