Spotting Star Case Study | Change Parts Star Wheels & Star Gears | Septimatech

Spotting Star Change Part

Customer Challenge

The customer was having difficulty maintaining proper orientation of a container with an off-set neck and handle during filling. Customer needed a new change part that allowed proper filling and handling of the container at required production speeds. The product was a corrosive product which increased the need to eliminate miss-fills, splashing and spillage.

About the Customer

One of North America’s largest manufacturers of consumer, industrial, and personal care products and packaged goods.


Septimatech developed a dynamic spotting mechanism mounted to the infeed star that worked with rollers in the pockets to rotate the containers and lock them in place once proper orientation for filling was achieved. The design and materials were inert to the corrosive product and focused on eliminating miss-fills and splashing while maintaining production rates.

Customer Results

  • Containers were reliably and consistently oriented throughout the filling process.
  • Jams, splashing and miss-fills were virtually eliminated which resulted in less maintenance and downtime.
  • The customer increased production speeds and reduced costs from downtime.
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