Urethane Star Case Study | Starwheel Gear Changeparts | Septimatech

Urethane Star Change Part

Customer Challenge

Customer wanted to reduce maintenance costs due to damage from broken glass during product handling. They wanted change parts that were more resistant to damage from broken glass while also reducing contain­er breakage. They also wanted to reduce noise levels during product handling.

About the Customer

The customer is a large multi-national beverage producer running glass bottles around the clock.


Septimatech developed a star design with a urethane contact surface to replace the plastic material that was used on existing parts. The existing plastic parts devel­oped sharp burrs and deformations when exposed to broken glass. The new softer urethane conforms better to the bottle, reduce noise and breakage. It also does not develop burrs or deformations when exposed to broken glass.

Customer Results

  • Customer experienced a significant reduction in noise and maintenance costs.
  • Change parts lasted longer with better resistance to wear.
  • Far less glass breakage reduced downtime and costs, while increasing safety for operators and maintenance personnel.
  • New parts were lighter and easier to changeover than OEM parts.
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