Smart Storage Systems & Shadow Board Change Parts Cart

Smart Storage Systems


Customers experience greater line changeover efficiency, improved parts inventory management and reduced operator time.

“A place for everything and everything in its place”; this is the concept behind Septimatech’s Smart Storage Systems. Our Smart Storage Systems provide our Customers with peace of mind from lost or damaged parts, easy to find and store parts, visual parts maintenance, health and safety repetitive strain and heavy lifting concerns. As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and world class leader in line and machinery changeover efficiency, Septimatech embraces the concepts of World Class Manufacturing – 5S Lean Principles. With these principles in mind, Septimatech offers a full line of customized Smart Storage Systems to store any changeover parts on a light weight, robust, small footprint cart.

Our rugged and robust carts are designed to allow for maximum parts storage, organization, cleaning capabilities, ease of removal and transportation of parts to the packaging line for improved operator productivity and floor space consideration, making them suitable for all production environments. With ergonomic health and safety considerations built in, Septimatech Smart Storage Systems take into account carrying, lifting, repetitive actions and storage of changeover parts.

Benefits to machine setup and operation performance:

  • Elimination of damaged and hard to find parts
  • Parts are stored in an organized manner for efficient and productive changeovers
  • Reduced strain to muscles and joints resulting from repetitive action and carrying heavy parts
  • Reduced time in the transfer of products from one area to another



  • Parts are custom-engraved for easy identification
  • Parts are available in color-coding of 81 combinations for fast retrieval


  • One-time installation onto the machine of Nucleus components for efficient setup every time
  • Satellite parts, custom-designed for specific containers, easily lock into place for repeatable setup
  • Use of locating pins means one-way positioning
  • Tool-less changeovers
  • Most parts weigh less than 20 lbs for improved ergonomic health and safety practices
  • Parts are puzzle cut for ease of setup and removal


  • Easy removal for cleaning
  • Flat surfaces without hubs facilitate easy cleaning and stacking for reduced storage space


  • Each set is color-coded to allow easy identification
  • Consistent solutions for setup, operations and maintenance across all packaging machines
  • Common changeover methodology regardless of machine make and model


  • RXNT® concept increases productivity and profitability by reducing production downtime
  • In conjunction with our Smart Storage systems, RXNT® Changeover Parts sustain organized and clean work environments

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Smart Storage Cart

The Customer needed to eliminate part loss and damage, as well as reduce time for changeover. They also wanted to improve access and organization.

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